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Establishment of after-sales service agency

Repair installation is an important part of Kaizhuoli company market extension and marketing strategy. My company for the product sales situation, the establishment of the customer service center, to co-ordinate the national service.

Operation and commitment of after sales service

Kaizhuoli user service concept: do everything for the user

Quality policy: lean production, satisfactory service, continuous improvement, innovation and development.

After sales service is divided into two modes

The market in Shenzhen, and has set up a subsidiary, Kaizhuoli unified service organization.

In the product transfer users, according to the product use guide to teach users about the correct use of the products and the right method processing products; common fault; in product transfer users and to users over product certification and after-sales service commitment to the book, and inform user services organizations address, telephone service. Products in the factory within three weeks after a phone or a return visit, to listen to the user's comments on the use and improvement of the product, in 1 hours to give the user a satisfactory answer. Three months to contact the user back to the factory for free maintenance, repair and maintenance.

Second, cadro company will to appoint staff or offices, and in other markets to use cadro products factory installed installation guidance and technical training; in the service work on track after the company will according to the need, to bidding in the local set up special maintenance station, strict in accordance with the company's terms of service in the unified, system of after-sales service.

Customer service commitment

Service commitment: product free warranty for one year. During the warranty period, product quality problems arise, the user can by the product maintenance manual "to enjoy the warranty service in the country, in various parts of the installation manufacturers or special maintenance station maintenance and cadro free spare parts and maintenance services. To ensure product quality and service quality, our company provides all spare parts for a long time.